The Kingdom of Italy prior to World War I

The Kingdom of Italy after World War I

"Great Italy"

"Greater Italy"

Italian "Mare Nostrum"

possible claims in the event of an Italian victory in WW2

The Italian Empire project

WW1 map of the "unredeemed" areas of Italy

possible claims in the event of Italian victory in WW2

Italian colonial aspirations and actual colonies

Extent of Italian territorial control in WW2

Territory offered to Italy by the Allies to turn against Germany at the start of WW2: All of the Tyrol, the rest of Austria, southern Bavaria and the territories promised but never delivered after WW1

The Roman Empire in 117 AD during the reign of Emperor Trajan -the zenith of Roman power
The Republic of Genoa at the height of its extent and influence

The territory and colonies of the Republic of Venice

Colonies of the Republic of Genoa

Italian colonial expansion
The Roman Empire

Italian Libya

Italian East Africa