Friday, April 12, 2013

Prince in Ad for E-Cigarette

This, I am sure, is one of the reasons why some Italian monarchists have a problem with Prince Emanuele Filiberto (and I say "one") as appearances like this are taken by many as being beneath the dignity of a member of the House of Savoy. I can certainly understand that, however, it is also stunts like this that are behind the fact that most Italians recognize the Prince of Venice and Piedmont as opposed to the more reserved Duke of Aosta. I refuse to participate in inter-royalist feuds (and I will not allow them here) but, as much as I wish it were otherwise, outside of monarchist circles most Italians have no idea who the Duke of Aosta is but, because of his many television appearances and "celebrity" status, most do recognize Prince Emanuele Filiberto. That's just a fact. I dislike thinking that this is the only way a royal heir can be known to the public at large but, perhaps that is the world we are living in.


  1. You know, I would not ordinarily be opposed to the prince participating in a commercial, but this one is so bad and tasteless that it really is beneath the dignity of the average Italian, let alone the future heir to the throne of Italy.

    And whether it gives the House of Savoy visibility or not, it certainly does not portray them in a good light or the monarchy in one, for that matter.

    1. It did strike me as a bit on the 'tacky' side, but most things do these days. When it comes to the Prince and Princess of Venice I often find myself trying to find the 'bright' side, unfortunately the other side of the family is rarely in the news at all.