Monday, June 3, 2013

Chibi Italia Goes to War (Part I)

Here, little African natives salute an MVSN soldier carrying the Italian flag while in the distance a group of little Ethiopians come to surrender, some also waving the Italian flag. This was to convey the message that the war would be easy with most natives welcoming the Italians and eager for Italian liberation.

In this card, a group of Blackshirts kick out and send running a group of Ethiopian chieftains, conveying the message of an easy war, easily won by the Fascist regime.

Here, as an Italian plane flies overhead, showing how progress has come to Africa with Italian rule, a little Italian, holding the fasces, appears to give a civics lesson to the natives

With Italian flags flying over the native village, a well-to-do African lady looks on while Italian soldiers liberate her poor slave, breaking the shackles from his legs. This was to illustrate the ending of slavery in Ethiopia that came with Italian rule.

Here, a group of little Italians give the map of Ethiopia a new paint-job in the Italian colors of green, white and red, showing the total conquest of the Empire of Ethiopia by Italy.

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